full moon cloth :WARM SUM:

WARM SUM, a cloth i started on the full moon. i've stopped work on it, because the atmosphere around me changed dramatically about ?2/3rds? of the way through. it is a free stitch cloth. i had no design plans when i began it, only to use the running stitch as the main method (kantha). i intentionally stitched non-uniformly just to see what would happen and to keep the flow going.

the cloth is an old purse lining i never utilized. i did not cut it into shape. i stitched it up as it was, folding it over on itself to make 4 layers. the material is unwashed muslin and i'm wondering if i should've laundered it beforehand. well it may give it more interest if i wash after i am done. no use to cry over that spilled milk...

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