123 slow

i'm starting my first purposeful unplanned/improvised projects. 3 of them so i don't get overwhelmed or bored. 2 make-up bags (one for daughter, one for niece) and covering one of my comforters. i've been wanting to cover this comforter for a long time. it's about 15 years old, dingy, filled with pills and holes, but it's still warm and i like her.

i'm using scraps again that were in the junk it pile. nice and worn misfits. for personal encouragement, i will be adding the semi finished blocks to the comforter as i go. patches style. starting in the corners, then edges and into center. the center block is going to be the size of 4 blocks and will be where the :wishes: go.

i have a :prayer to the WARM blanket project: in my head, but it doesn't have words yet. i'll add later when/if it materializes.

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