Behind deep blue

i've noticed from taking pictures just how dark the apartment is. i've always loved the sunlight and open windows, so i'm not quite sure when this change took place. maybe it's because in this apartment, the walkway is right in front of the door and windows and there's no balcony here or private outside space. compensating i've created a cave... appropriate for this EARTH girl.

may also explain why i'm loving BLUES more than usual (if that's possible). a replacement for the sky i never see and the ocean i used to long for. i used to dream of the ocean almost every night... indigo and watercolor midnights, light pale blue for the sky. i now recognize i love the desert too though... accounting for all the tans and browns around me. and a scatter of natural new greens and yellows to mimic the cacti and small desert flowers.

with spring returning, dreams of an open plot of desert land are resurfacing. if only... but whatever i'm doing here in the present tense, i'll remember that i need both water and earth. i know i need balance. extremes aren't good, like how i've been resonating. i'm hesitant to even discuss the other two elements. in the solid and grounded i find my comfort.

in these words, i am thinking of a challenge for myself... to create cloths dealing with the other two unspeakable elements. :wooo: i'm going to sit with that idea for a while.


jude said...

just lovely, everything here.

twhIch aye said...

thank you for visiting jude... those kind words mean a whole lot!