New blue

of course blue.

i resisted the urge to chop chop chop. it was a lot easier since i knew mama was in play. looking at it through calmer eyes, it appeared to be two pieces. so i cut it up the almost middle. of course i'm choosing the blue side to work with first. i figure i'll use the other for patches or something.

granddaughter in her cinderella dress pretending to photograph her polly pocket's pants like granma :)

[↑date thank you jude and grace... i needed the words. :)]


jude said...

you have a soothing sense of color. even in photos.

twhIch aye said...

i hadn't realized that... thank you jude. maybe kind of a clue? it's so chaotic in this little piece of the world. my main prayers are for soothing peace and silence. maybe i'm finding it unawares.