The Unspeakable 2

[photo found here -- storm moving over area by caitlyn willows]

after watching the weather report today, i realized i'm not as averse to wind and fire as i previously thought. i remember i enjoy storms. i feel very alive standing in the wind and rain waiting for the crackle and flash of a streak of lightning. i understand the fears of the danger of this part of nature, but i only feel swirling power and recognition from them. they wake me up, representing this life in action. as long as i can remember, i've collected rainwater. i'd keep the bottles sitting on my dresser, tangible evidence that this huge cycle is happening and i witnessed it/was a part of it for that moment. i miss them a lot when they are gone or don't show up as predicted.

[photo found here -- 4 Colour Sun Wheel © escher1]

i fear the sudden change these 2 elements represent, however in this context they seem to be a part of me and the fear is not there. i think this is where i can safely begin to explore representing them. i'm very excited at this new understanding.. :thank you world!:

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