Prayer to :hands:

i'd like for what's in my head to come out onto the cloth. i'd like for my hands to trust me and not betray me and sweep all the :unfamiliar: up under the rug. i'd like for my cloths/outer expressions to match my jumbled, sometimes messy unclear and confused thoughts. i want to see them outside of my head so they can be here on this plane with me. i want to hang them on the walls so i won't be lonely here. i want them to become real here.

hands please trust us. it's should be okay. and if it's not, it's not that :sirius: anyways... no one's really watching... no one really notices.


Puddleduck said...

I think this is the prayer of every artist, in whatever medium they use. Trust in your vision....

We're all scared that the end product won't match our vision. Sometimes I toss them to the side and start over or start something else. One day I find the discarded thing again and know just what needs doing to make it right for me.

I too used to be a perfectionist! No longer. I give myself permission to be messy and imperfect and revel in it! I don't conform and don't wish too.

I've enjoyed visiting... would love to see what you're working on for SpiritCloth! might see you over there....?

twhIch aye said...

hi sandi :) yes sometimes i think i don't have any vision at all... but then i know that's wrong... we all do and it's just me being afraid of not knowing. and that's the perfectionism spinning round in my head. i'm doing my best to remember that the only thing that's perfect is this moment.

ok i will see you over at spiritcloth... i have lots of babies over here (grands and nieces) for the summer so my brain gets a little loopy, but i hope to comment and post more... loopy-ness and all :)