snuck up on me


nothin like a little heat to get me off my behind. of course like last class, the end of it caught me unawares. time is a blur for me. never have been able to keep track. i got to read the other's posts here and there, but i was never really able to get into it like i'd intended. i know i missed out on some great and valuable conversations/teaching.

i believe this grass faerie's name is graciela (a form of grace?), at least that's what she told me... but i think it's more like grassiela.

i knew she was a grass faerie as soon as i realized what the wings and face were going to be cut out from, but i did not know what she was going to look like. she surprised me.

on the home front, middle son is back. he got kicked out of treatment a couple of days ago.

and i'm packing, getting ready for the move.

a break in the clouds

middle son has entered treatment. it's a gift from the Universe that is just too immense for me to articulate. i've just been doing nothing since. sleeping, thinking and restoring. thank you who sent good thoughts and prayers my way. i deeply deeply appreciate them. miracles happened.

i am going to work on some face samples today. i also realized i did not post my previous photos to the class, so i am going to do that along with whatever faces come through to be stitched.

today is a lazy day.