about me...

i have a deep connection with sewing.  it is hard to describe, but it is much more than the action.  or maybe it is through the action.  and then it is the action. 

i've been sewing for many, many years off and on.  it's always been in the back of mind since mom introduced me to the needle at 5.  at times, it wasn't fashionable so i stopped.  i wish i would've listened to my own mind.  but everything is as it should be.

i started sewing again regularly about 8 years ago now.  starting with machine and free stitching without pattern or forethought...  until i found sewing websites on the net.  i can see in hindsight i started self censoring at this time and sewing was no longer fun, but achievement oriented.

i started this blog to untrain from that way of thinking and to just sew.  sew what was in my mind...  like before.  i've gotten stuck several times.  these times reflecting troubles that have passed through, paralyzing my hands and voice.  i'm real:ly real:izing that sewing is a friend that wants to be around through the good and bad times to help me.

i've found an answer in the needle and thread.  a way to express and :weave: prayers.

i'm a mother a grandma an auntie.  i'm somewhere in 40's and am a taurus.