atmospheric. moon tides. migraines. [and a moon face :) ] is it a change from the desert to the humid coast pressing in?

been spending lots of time in the wonderful cool dark closet. finished this bag several days ago, but my aversion to light has not allowed me to post it.

lit the way

following that star.

the day before my trip here, this star floated into my head. all the way here, i thought of how to make it.

shining on...

point of view

after deciding to add a moon to this foundation, i thought of jude's post and developing a thought.

and taking steps away from it. it didn't have any meaning to add a moon. i just wanted to. after i got into the stitching i realized that it could mean a certain thing. a lot of certain things.

thinking of st. therese of lisieux the night before and niece brought me a gift of this beautiful sweet smelling creamy colored rose yesterday afternoon.

re peat

looks like it, only a different part.

continuing the process (from yesterday). blues brown sky earth ground. rearranging the thinking. transforming to see the reality of a situation.

this moth (herpetogramma?) has fluttered in around and out of the window screen since mid-morning.

pink soothed

i pinned this together last night. wasn't sure if it was going to stick.

after a heated argument earlier this morning, i strongly needed to put some stitches in this. she talked me down.

barely there

the light is different here. softer. i can't seem to get a feel of it for the camera.

even though i only started this yesterday, this seems to be speaking slowly and softly. i keep adding more stitches and they are absorbed into the pale.

2 months

been quite a while. lots of changes. lots staying the same. some growing, some remembering.

it was a looong trip. just shy of 48 hours.

few days after i got here, the nieces spotted a double rainbow. nice.

i've been wooed by lots of rainy days, the smell of plants and trees, and scurrying animals. lover-ly.