i'm finally feeling like i'm back on this plane. that starry way out feeling is fading. she set me down softly. luna:see: gone.

i didn't do too much to the panel last night. i'm not quite sure where it is going from here. last night, it was looking finished to me, but i think there's more to add. i'd wanted to do some running stitches across it to quilt it. i'm not sure if it will look right though.

i plan on starting the make-up bag cloths this evening and maybe doing a little work on the second panel.

One night as Dick lay fast asleep,
Into his drowsy eyes
A great still light began to creep
From out the silent skies.
It was the lovely moon's, for when
He raised his dreamy head,
Her surge of silver filled the pane
And streamed across his bed.
So, for a while, each gazed at each-
Dick and the solemn moon-
Till, climbing slowly on her way,
She vanished, and was gone.

-- Walter de la Mare


Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to find your blog and your work here. I like what you do with words too.

jude said...

i like the that string?

twhIch aye said...

thank you kaye. and thank you for coming to visit. :)

twhIch aye said...

thanks jude... no, it's some leftover green-white-beige variegated cotton yarn i had.