atmospheric. moon tides. migraines. [and a moon face :) ] is it a change from the desert to the humid coast pressing in?

been spending lots of time in the wonderful cool dark closet. finished this bag several days ago, but my aversion to light has not allowed me to post it.


ger said...

Enchanting... I´m making some bags/pouches too at the moment - never find much practical use in them, but a lot of comfort...

Anonymous said...

i'm beginning to wonder if usefulness is overrated.

just keep the joy alive.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

it will take a while for your
internal pressure to adjust..
desert to coast is no small change.
but that child is no small thing
either...she's beauty full.
the bag
well, made my scalp tingle

jude said...

yes, we underestimate the effect of climate. everything is always beautiful here.

twhIch aye said...

the kids make fun of my constant need for making pouches ger. i've made, lost, found many a bag. i think it's containers in general.

usefulness stops me from making lots of things serena... i think it's a self imposed check or balance. or fear?

yeah grace... it's wreaking havoc with my head and joints, but the skin is happy. yeah that's the littlest niece... she is everywhere. sneaking peeking checking... hahahhaha

not used to all the water around me yet jude. and it's more water for mama moon to work with too...

Anonymous said...

Well hello there, tis I, cris!
thank you for the welcome at windthread!
I am still learning/ practicing the
this' and thats about blogging, posting, designing them and such. I hope you can leave a message
there (threadingforward) some time.
the world has suddenly opened up wonderfully
wide......... smiles to you!

Manya Maratou said...

the pouch, the bag, everything I make I want to turn into a bag.
they look soft, what you do

Storycloth said...

Wow - these are fantastic. I love the moon cloth. Gilly

twhIch aye said...

hi cristina! yay! for your blog :) well i can't post there yet... for some reason it's either my browser or my blogger account won't let me use the embedded comment form. hopefully it'll be fixed soon... but i will be visiting you... i'll be somewhere in the shadows :)

hi manya! i've always been fascinated with bags... don't know what it is about them... maybe they can hold secret special things...

hi gilly thank you! :)

Velma said...

my first visit. thank you. your voice is authentic and the stitching as well.

Anonymous said...

one cup of coffee in me, watching for the purple sky
to sneak in, tunes, visiting here, there, everywhere!
getting ready to stitch a bird onto Ruby's quilt!
Ah............ i adore early morning stillness.

twhIch aye said...

hi velma! thank you for visiting... i emailed you once before about one of your beautiful photos... and thank you :)

sounds beautiful cristina... if i remember right, you're in new mexico? i can imagine the still morning there. i love and miss nm air. hope you are having a beautiful day... :)