re peat

looks like it, only a different part.

continuing the process (from yesterday). blues brown sky earth ground. rearranging the thinking. transforming to see the reality of a situation.

this moth (herpetogramma?) has fluttered in around and out of the window screen since mid-morning.


jude said...

that moth, landed on that sea of squares, that says so much to me.

Penny Berens said...

From soothing pinks to calming blues.

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

We had the most beautiful moth camp out on our deck for several days. It finally flew away... He looks lovely against the screen of green. Love the pictures of the work in your hands!

;~) Debi

twhIch aye said...

after i posted this, i realized the grid was there and i thought of your crossroads jude. i've read the moth is connected to the dreamworld, things unseen.

it all happens so subtly... i didn't pick out the colors consciously, but they are just right penny. (oh and i love the tree on your blog. beautiful stitches [still can't comment on those forms... :( ] it looks old and wise and spooky... maybe has mysteries? it looks just like a storybook illustration. brings to mind the ents)

oooh nice. i like visitors. right after i took the photo, this moth flew away and didn't come back. i feel funny sometimes showing my hands... hahhahahaha i don't know why.