point of view

after deciding to add a moon to this foundation, i thought of jude's post and developing a thought.

and taking steps away from it. it didn't have any meaning to add a moon. i just wanted to. after i got into the stitching i realized that it could mean a certain thing. a lot of certain things.

thinking of st. therese of lisieux the night before and niece brought me a gift of this beautiful sweet smelling creamy colored rose yesterday afternoon.


deanna7trees said...

like how you did the face. the moon makes it so much more interesting.

twhIch aye said...

hi deanna :) ... thank you. i tried out something new. i think next time, i'll cut out some of the layers behind the 'shadow' so it can sit lower in the moon. so it can be less applique-y? and more one layer.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

like a literal focal point when
really really working on meditation to make a change in
the delicate face is beautifully
am so glad you are back. and
where the nieces are too. how
good is that.

jude said...

a nice interpretation, and yes managing layers is like managing thought. i learn a lot from that.

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

I just keep coming back to look at this! It's caught my attention and there are some thoughts there, but I can't quite make them sit still long enough to understand them. I love the beautiful face on your moon. I was thinking that she's a little bit full and a little bit crescent!

:-) Debi

twhIch aye said...

yes... the meditation aspect. meditation. being aware of what that really means. aware of what i am meditating on. being really aware of that. thank you grace and yes i am so happy to be around them. they constanly have me laughing and thinking about things in new ways.

ah jude... removing the layers, peeling back the onion. another conscious part of meditation.

hahahaha yeah she switches back and forth so slightly, not giving either view fully. i first thought ugh it looks off, but she is who she is :)