you can't hurry the good times

by waiting for them.

i have this saying on a prayer flag i made. the one next to it says 'if you have to eat dirt, eat clean dirt'. an african american slave saying.

no photos for this post. i've been doing sewing work... sneaking it in here and there. but i am just too tired or maybe don't have the gumption to pull out the camera.

i am posting in the midst of madness. on the night grace commented about Thunder Man on her horizon (hope you're alright over there miss grace), i had one on my horizon. he came brandishing lightning bolts and causing a lot rain. we've been under his storm for almost a week now.

he's angry now looking at me in the kitchen as i write this. he's my middle son. he's been diagnosed with something or other. he's been getting worse.

i figured i'd just make this post. not waiting for the good times.

i've made a grass faerie. she came to me the night i posted in the workshop. i struggled making her. she seemed to be angel like. i don't like depicting angels. i'll post and write about her later.

a butterfly also came. i gave it a wash and it is sitting in my box.

also started a color blanket. and worked on one of the foundations from the spirit cloth class this morning.

life is here and it is all it is.


jude said...

i detect some heaviness. i hope all is ok. even one stitch is a step forward.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

i think of you
much love, grace

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

just me, again.
all day i have you in my heart,
your son.

twhIch aye said...

hey jude and grace... yeah, things have been a little 'hairy' over here. i'm trying to stay realistic and trying to see things clearly, but it's just been very trying/tiring. thank you grace for keeping thoughts of me. i REALLY appreciate it. i believe it's made a difference :)