i post these.

haven't been able to do much for the beast class and these aren't ironed, but...

i did the butterfly early in the morning with no pattern. i cut and stitched it by feel and hand. it is very wonky.

on the time cloth i've done some quilting on the bottom part. i've started feeling it in a more personal way. i noticed some parts have changed from what i originally saw them to be. i realized to let them be as they wanted. i removed a section since it didn't seem to fit, which was good.

*in spite of life, live*


jude said...

so. you figure it all out. this is good.

Anonymous said...

I like your fabric choices very much. They sit well together.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

your spirit is always so
in these photographs of your work
it's as if i can hear you breathe,
as if i expect at any second, the
still photos will begin to move and i will watch your hands stitch.
jude said about silent videos... a silent video.

twhIch aye said...

thank you jude karen and grace... thank you for commenting here when i have not been here. it really means a lot to me. you all are like lifelines and i really appreciate it.

jude i am busy with the figuring and it is good :)

karen i was kinda iffy about the butterfly wings, but i said what they hey... let's see what happens

miss grace it makes me so happy that you can 'see' me :) i saw the post about your granddaughter and i am going to head over there later to read more and write you