even though i can't

concentrate, i'm gonna make this post.

my chaotic life has been even more so for the past weeks.

involved: visiting family, sickness, mistaken identity, ig'nant police, ig'nant ex, son-father struggles, sleep deprivation + worry, etc

right now as i type this, i am interrupted at least every 5 or 6 words typed. sick niece at foot of my bed and my LOUD family has boundary issues... hahahahha

it's been like this for the past several weeks. a hermit either a) wants to escape b) wish all this didn't bother me c) have a beer many beers

did not get to finish embellish for the spirit cloth class. it makes me very sad. but i had to let something go or i was going to self-destruct.

i was just able to start looking at posts at the class and man, what everyone's done is AMAZING. to see the way everything has progressed for everyone. the process of the mind is just boggling and beautiful. i really REALLY appreciate being able to be a part of everyone's process that shared.

i will be continuing the learning here and i will also be in the patchwork beasts starting tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I just love what you've done with your cloths, despite all your difficulties. They seem to me like little oases of calm in a frantic world.

ger said...

Yes, they do...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

"the process of the mind is boggling and beautiful". yes it is and the process of the spirit is even more so.
as i read this, i think of my trip to Albuquerque yesterday with my daughter. i needed more emb.floss.
then, Goodwill, Savers, and my
first time at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore where we cruised
through isles of stove pipe (for
my Rocket Stove i want to make
to eco dye) hundreds of doors, cabinets, plumbing, latches,hinges,
light fixtures, a table saw that
daughter drooled over, tile, knobs
oh jeez. heaven. and all the while
i am careening through the CITY,
making sudden lane changes, jarring
turns on command, i am thinking, "i
used to have a LOT of days like
this, most of my life was like this"...
and so i relate to this post. and
i look upon your cloth and marvel
at Spirit. that through all your
comotion is this intimate world of
stitch and fragment unknown to
anyone else, but waits for any
peaceful moment...
LOTS of love,

twhIch aye said...

thank you karen and ger :) the comments i receive most are how calm and peaceful my sewed things are. it must be what's inside of me, because what's on the outside is chaos. i am really happy that connection has happened. it must be? true connection, because there is no where else it could be coming from. right now sitting here, my mind doesn't understand it. but i am really happy for it.

twhIch aye said...

when i read your comment, i wanted to cry. i had to get up from the computer. it was a feeling that was good. that someone feels what i am experiencing. in my family, i'm the misfit. but that's ok. and since it is, it is as it should be. but it does get lonely and tiring trying to remember that explaining and defending my actions does no good and that i should not even try. and i appreciate them for who they are.

this world seems very foreign to me at times grace. so busy and frantic. and it's perplexing to me people who enjoy it. maybe just as i am perplexing to them.

and i think i may try to talk oldest son into taking me to the thrift store around the corner tomorrow. maybe i'll find some nice old fabrics. and middle son and i had plans to make a rocket stove when we stayed in the trailer. i saw a real simple version made from stacking bricks. i think it was in french. we tried one with a metal can, but it was during windy season and we gave up on it. love outdoor fires :)

Suzanna said...

Yes I 100% agree that there is a serenity in your work that stands out. Sometimes chaos creates a pathway into a peaceful place and once the door is opened to it, it becomes easier and easier to find. It looks to me that you are very much going in the right direction.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

hey twhich...big storm coming.
Thunder Man is lurking on the horizon. thinking of u today.