keeping things in bags.

used to keep the floss in an old index file box. before that, a big orange bowl my brother used to eat cereal from when we were young.

couldn't tote them with me from vegas, so now they're in a bag.

(small muslin bag is for my pin cushion)

[made these several weeks ago]


Anonymous said...


Jacky said...

Perfect...I love your tote for your threads and pincushion, simplifies things for travel.

I have a penchant for baskets, and have many projects around the place in baskets, a thread basket, a wool,knitting basket, paints in a basket...

A holder in another form.

Jacky xox

twhIch aye said...

thanks miss serena :)

yeah jacky, i can just scrunch it up and put in a bag or backpack. i've got a needlebook but my pincushion is so much easier to use, so i like taking it with me. i just roll the sides down...

been loving baskets too since my teenage years. i used to have baskets everywhere.