turning of time

as i look back on this year, i realize this is just a continuation.

a hold over of baggage from a 7 year trip.

this was a year of unfolding. of reaching out. of facing fears. of hurts and of learning.

it was also a year of renewal. of remembering. that love still abides.

i buried my ownself. and it is for me to do the emerging.

so with this turning of the time, i move forward. hitching a ride with the sun awakening.


deanna7trees said...

wonderful textures in that tree cloth.

jude said...

a really true little cloth

twhIch aye said...

it's a 3-D'er deanna :)

first cloth i've 'formally' done a backing on jude

Debi From the Pacific Northwest said...

Oh I just love your little tree cloth! I have one more I'm finishing and then I have a winter seasonal cloth that is calling to me. It's about the Winter Lady. I'm looking back on this year also, but also looking ahead too. Next year is going to be a good one for me... I have a feeling.

;~) Debi

twhIch aye said...

thank you debi :) oooh the Winter Lady... i hope next year is a GREAT year for you! many many good wishes for you debi!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

Twhich....well, what a journey so
far. yes.
the words: my ownself

i have Jude's cloth here, the one
of the two almost mirror images,
top/bottom of what to me were
male faces...the one that looks
like a playing card in a way?
in the suit of hearts?
and her words about that cloth were:
"a reminder that everything is not
always pretty.
a playing card sort of thing, maybe
a hand you dealt yourself."
then, words that almost meant as
much to me at the bottom,
"can be viewed in any direction".

and so it goes.
what page is that?
a nodding kind of love, g

twhIch aye said...

what a journey grace! i would not even have imagined all this could happen this year. and i'm so happy to have all this (this blog, the cloths) as a record.

oh i LOVE those words! i wrote 'the cards i was dealt' on a little scrap of paper somewhere around here in the past month. and i'm going to write those down. acceptance and working with it. and i've learned some things about perception, my perception. and that being the perception that matters for me. it's the only one i can work with. 'can be viewed in any direction'. perfect.

that is from page 46. it is the last page from 'Stalking the Intruder: Beginning the Initiation'. i just opened and clicked the button. and it was perfect.

i just got your email and i am sitting here with the book and am going to read.
much much love.

Jacky said...

sweet little cloth...

Jacky xox