if i were a :geniE:ous

maybe i could say poof and make everything appear.

i think it's supposed to be disappear, but i'd like for somethings to appear.

all the ideas in my head :poof: and they'd be here.

i know the fun is supposed to be in the journey. but maybe i'd replace fun with expansion or growing or understanding.


i don't know if i've written about this yet, but in about 2 months... i have some life changing things that will be going on. as the time approaches, the :real:ity of it becomes closer to touch. 2 years ago, i started my present situation under circumstances that seemed viable. but those circumstances were ever changing spiraling twisting beyond anyone's control. so i'm in this place where i did not foresee i would be. no one's fault... no blame... just here. but that does not cancel the reeling feelings of fear, uncertainty, sadness, loss of control... so all the moods i can finally admit to myself are my just realizing what's becoming more real everyday and trying to figure things out. i guess the ability to pretend :things are not what they are: serves a purpose sometimes...

in a comment, grace brought up in me the idea i've been holding for a long time of having an online shop. i've been thinking more and more of doing that. hahahahahha i have no clue what i would offer there. maybe today, i will sign up for it.


nandas said...

grace is wise. you would do well to listen. if she thinks you have something to offer for sale, then you must. she doesn't say things lightly. so take heart. endings are just a beginning after all.

jude said...

sure. try. that's all there is.

twhIch aye said...

hi nandas... i agree, she is wise. she brightens my view with every word she writes here. :) i got teary with that conversation. i like my things, but it stuns me when someone else sees something in them...

and that's true the beginnings. when one door closes another opens...

thank you nandas :)

twhIch aye said...

hi jude... you are right. that is all there is. what could it hurt eh? :)

Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds like you have a little time in which to prepare, at least. Things happen when we are best able to deal with them, in my view. What do you have to lose? Good luck :-)

twhIch aye said...

hi karen t :) well yes that is one of the good things... thank goodness, because i've had about 7 years of these types of events and they've all been suprises where i didn't deal too well. i hope i can do better with this one.

and yup, at this point i think i only have things to gain... might only be more experience, but what else is there? and thank you for the luck, i will do my best to use it well :)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

lowtide twichaye michele, my friend,...go look on windthread.
look at the beauty on my table, in my home. go look at
look at moon mama
look at the magic you do with
soft cloths
i don't know how all this works,
but i do know that your energy is
very honest and very true and i
believe that how ever it appears
in the terms of this world, it is
the only thing that matters in the end...
thank you, thank you for what sits
gently with a very high vibration
thank you.

Suzanna said...

Yes, Michele, I want to encourage you too. A shop is a good thing...a little place out there where you can put things in a special way...it makes you see and feel life a little differently. It can be like a stable, where the horses (artwork) live...and also stable where you can go when everything is changing too much.

twhIch aye said...

hi suzanna :) thank you! i really appreciate these words and encouragement. i've been vacillating back and forth... knowing it's what i want to do. scared i'll have nothing to offer, but pushing forward anyways. and i can feel that analogy. stable having two beautiful definitions that i need right now. i am going to copy those words down and think on them. thank you so much suzanna!