i turned into a cavewoman for a while.

everything was blurry and i couldn't get a grasp on a lot of things.

so i retreated. now that i've re-emerged i found that it coincided with the :three: days of the dark/new moon. funny. again.

i used to keep regular track of :her: cycles, but somehow i've lost the time.

i worked on a couple of things that have been lying beside me. mr. depp catt has a new hat. i added some things to the moon, but ripped them out... the color tones didn't match. she now has tiny whisper holes and colors.

the cloth to cloth class is ending. :sad: i'm going to miss having the opportunity to participate in that little spot. through it i learned so many things. and most suprisingly i learned a lot about myself and relating. looking back it feels like it was a group growing effort. i had a time of feeling uncomfortable, but i am happy i pushed through :my: issues and i've expanded understanding because of it.

spirit cloth class starts tuesday and from all the work examples already posted, i am surely out of my league. these women are wonderful talented artists. a new learning experience is in the slots and i'm excited.

oh and grace (if you happen by)... i'm sorry but son has not been able to mail off the cushion yet. he had an unexpected busy workweek, but he tells me he is going on monday to ship it off. so :fingers crossed: hopefully it will be there by thursday or friday. i hope cushion gets lots of wear and tear! i think she'll be happy. :)


montse llamas-artsandcats said...

you are for sure one of "these talented women"...
(I will be in the Spirit Cloth workshop too)

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

michele...i am glad you have returned from the blurr. i didn't guess that's where you were or might have knocked on your comment box door. well, good about the
update on the michele cushion, i will stop bugging the postmistress
on whether or not a package came..
i call her so i don't need to go
to the "neighborhood box unit" unless there is one. patiently waiting.
i look often at the figure that you posted on SC and as i said there, feel kinship with you because of her...if i had stitched her i would be happy beyond happy.
she really is beautiful and very fine to me. if you had a shop, and let her go there, i would snatch her up in a minute so she could inspire my life here, so i could live in her company. we go and it's a dream
as you go for me...
much love to you and Shine on...

twhIch aye said...

hi montse
i really appreciate those kind words... i just hope i can keep up! hahahahha i will see you in class and i hope your trip is extra magnificent! :)

twhIch aye said...

hey miss grace... i'm so sorry you've been checking your postbox. son said he'd do it today, but i haven't talked to him to confirm yet, so i will comment over at your blog to let you know for sure. i should've had him take me right then, but he came so early... i wasn't ready

yeah i regularly go through moods especially since menopause... they are like an out of control rollercoaster sometimes... my head gets foggy groggy and all i want to do is sleep... i can feel it wants to creep back up over my shoulder, but i'm tryin to keep it at bay...

haha yes! it is a dream... i keep trying to remember that, but maybe it's forward and not something to remember...

love you too grace and thank you for the words in front of your thoughts... *shining*

twhIch aye said...

hey when i woke up this morning i realized i didn't thank you for the words about the mama moon cloth... i would've loved to send her to you, but my DIL has dibs on her when i finish her... but i will make something else for you. it's been in the back of my mind to love to have a shop open, but... well... hmmmm hahahahhaha i am going to think about that. thank you miss grace*

*much love*

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

twhich..i think we all might work
in the direction of a shop.
it's about
very different to me than when
i sold the "doll beings" through
gallerys...i would never want to
go there again...
but this is a whole different thing.
a good thing to think about, i'm

twhIch aye said...

yes grace... i think that is a really good thing. to be independent (at least partially) offering expressions in cloth, *communicating something* as jude says would be :love:ly.
maybe if the tides are right, i may start something before i'm on my own in august.
maybe a loose support network for the *clothmates* selling might be nice too...

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

YES!...i have just recently gotten
some cloth from deb lacativa that
i really appreciate a LOT...
so it's not just things that i
might want to have because they're
beautiful and bring energy into
my home, but also materials to
work with too.
bueno, then.
love and shine,