for the new year... a spur of the moment decision.
i've decided to move to another blog. a second chapter.

been thinking about it for several days actually. last night i somewhat made a decision.

i figure i will just keep on moving forward and see what comes along the path. i'll move back if?...

i hope it's not too much trouble for my friends to find me if they wish. please come over if you get a chance :)

lowtideflats at wordpress

:happy new year everyone! good wishes to all. expansion and peace!:

turning of time

as i look back on this year, i realize this is just a continuation.

a hold over of baggage from a 7 year trip.

this was a year of unfolding. of reaching out. of facing fears. of hurts and of learning.

it was also a year of renewal. of remembering. that love still abides.

i buried my ownself. and it is for me to do the emerging.

so with this turning of the time, i move forward. hitching a ride with the sun awakening.

shooting / falling


realized i'd not done a woven 9 patch with varying fabrics

took out the little bit in the center square

when i realized she was a star

[stitched when i was sick]


keeping things in bags.

used to keep the floss in an old index file box. before that, a big orange bowl my brother used to eat cereal from when we were young.

couldn't tote them with me from vegas, so now they're in a bag.

(small muslin bag is for my pin cushion)

[made these several weeks ago]

a marker

this post is one. time has gotten away from me. the flu seems to have taken up residence here...

been stitching in less aching moments. another star.